As “mainstream media” openly calls for Left-wing violence against white conservatives, now is the time to start carrying concealed firearms

In a recent segment on the CBS series “The Good Fight,” a chaotic riot scene in which people are attacked, cars are overturned and burned, and police vehicles are smashed, a lone black man approaches the camera and begins to speak.

“Is it all right to hit a Nazi unprovoked?” he begins. “I was always taught to never throw the first punch, never instigate, defend but don’t attack (because he’s so virtuous, you understand).

“But then I saw a video of white nationalist Richard Spencer being punched in the face during an interview and I realized Spencer was in a pressed suit, wearing a tie, being interviewed like his opinion mattered, like he should be grouped into part of the conversation, like neo-Nazism is just one little point of view,” the black man continued (as the viewer was treated to views of Spencer being interviewed and being punched).

“And then I realized there’s no better way to show some speech is not equal,” he said. “Some speech requires a more visceral response. It’s like Overton’s Window — that determines which ideas are tolerated in civil discourse. Well, Overton’s Window doesn’t mean s**t unless it comes with some enforcement, so yeah, this is enforcement. It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

Frankly, it is outrageous that CBS would broadcast something so grossly irresponsible, but there you have it: A blatant call for violence against whites, in general, is the not-so-subtle undertone: 

Richard Spencer is an avowed neo-Nazi and white supremacist. He’s not disavowed this and in fact, has proudly declared it.

But for the record — and we need to be crystal clear about this — ‘white supremacy’ is not the same thing as being a “nationalist.” The disgustingly dishonest Left has begun using the terms ‘white supremacist’ and ‘white nationalist’ interchangeably, as a way of portraying much of POTUS Trump’s white base as racists and bigots (like him, you see — which is also a lie). 


You may consider arming yourself, especially if you’re white

As the above video notes, correctly, ‘nationalism’ in the Trumpian view is nothing more or less than patriotism, and patriotism applies to any one of us who loves our country first and foremost, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion, orientation, or any other factor. 

The fact that the insane Left has taken it upon themselves to decide what speech is and is not ‘allowable’ in the public sphere is nothing short of the Nazi-like authoritarianism they claim to be opposing. 

Mind you, Spencer isn’t the authoritarian here. He’s not calling on others who disagree with him to be punched into silence. He’s merely advocating a point of view that he has every right to under our Constitution to advocate, even if virtually no one else in our country agrees with him.

Now, if that’s not true, then imagine some tables being turned here: What if conservatives begin showing up at Leftist rallies and start “punching Marxists and socialists”? After all, the only ideology that killed more people than Nazism in the 1900s was Marxist-Leninist-socialist governments (the USSR, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, etc.). 

Why is some speech ‘acceptable’ under the principle of Overton’s Window and other speech isn’t? Well, obviously, it depends who’s doing the deciding. (Related: ‘Mainstream’ media’s perpetuation of hate hoaxers like Jussie Smollett will lead to violence, war.)

In the meantime, conservatives — and especially whites — had better get it through their heads that the Left is coming for us. They have deemed our speech and our points of view as no different from those of a Richard Spencer, though clearly conservatism is not neo-Nazism and nationalism isn’t “white supremacy.”

If you don’t yet carry a concealed firearm, maybe you ought to get some training, get licensed, and get started. It seems like the time isn’t far off when angry, brainwashed Leftists are going to attack us simply because we exist. 

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