LEFT CULT: Amy Schumer apologizes for being white, even though her ancestors were all from Africa

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Wannabe comedian and leftist lunatic Amy Schumer is back in the news, this time following a recent appearance on the daytime hag-fest known as The View in which she expressed regret that her character in a new film about herself, which she chose to play, wasn’t instead played by a “woman of color.”

Entitled “I Feel Pretty,” the film about Schumer deals with issues like being fat and ugly, and how to overcome these roadblocks in life. Schumer naturally chose to play herself in the film, but in politically correct form told Whoopi and the other cackling loudmouths on The View that if she could do it all over again, she would let a black or brown woman take the role instead.

After the film’s release, Schumer says she received “backlash” in the form of viewers apparently not believing that Schumer was ever fat and ugly because she’s apparently “blond,” “of healthy weight,” and “attractive,” to quote her own descriptors of herself. She claims that this was the “nicest” backlash she’s ever received, piling on even more flattery about herself.

“It’s not about an ugly, vile troll getting beautiful,” Schumer insisted on The View. “It’s about a girl who really struggles with self-esteem, which is something we can all relate to.”

Just to give you an idea as to the premise of the film, a “woman struggling with insecurity” falls down and suffers a head injury that, after she awakens, leads her to believe that she’s “the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet.” This empowers her to “live fearlessly,” until she eventually discovers that nothing actually changed and she’s the same woman she was before the fall.

In other words, Amy Schumer thinks she’s the most beautiful, perfect, and lovely woman on the planet, and it’s simply other people’s misperceptions of her vile mouth, bulging cellulite, and deranged leftist views that have led her to believe otherwise about herself. It’s the perfect self-congratulatory esteem booster for Schumer, who’s taken quite a bit of heat in recent years, including for trying to skew the Netflix rating system to hide the fact that nobody liked her disgusting “comedy” routine called “The Leather Special.”

Amy Schumer is a poster child of “libtardism”

So how do race and “women of color” fit into Schumer’s assessment of her latest film – which is bombing, by the way? Well, as hard as she’s apparently had things in life, Schumer says that because she’s Caucasian, she’s automatically had it easier than every single black and brown person on the planet. Thus, one of them should have starred in Schumer’s film instead of herself – which is a convenient way to virtue signal after the fact when Schumer has already received her paycheck for the film.

Little does Schumer realize, however, that her own ancestors are technically from Africa, seeing as how the “white” race is said to have originated there, as did the “black” race. In fact, there’s really no such thing as a “white” race, which makes Schumer’s swipe at white people just another ridiculous liberal lie aimed at pandering to “minorities.” Via Natural News:

If you look into the scientific record derived from anthropology and archeology, you’ll find something intriguing: All our ancestors are from Africa.

The accepted scientific basis for this is called the “Out of Africa” theory, and you can read about it at this National Geographic article which states:

We are solely children of Africa — with no Neandertals or island-dwelling “hobbits” in our family tree, according to a new study. Scientists who compared the skulls and DNA of human remains from around the world say their results point to modern humans (Homo sapiens) having a single origin in Africa.

That’s right: Modern humans are all the offspring of African ancestors who had black skin. It’s accepted science.

In fact, white skin was a natural selection adaptation needed by those of African descent who migrated North to European areas, where lighter skin was necessary to absorb more UV sunlight to generate lifesaving vitamin D. It turns out that dark skin is the original human skin, and light skin is the adaptation for survival in more northern climates.

Yet all of us who have lighter appearing skin are, in truth, African descendants on the inside, and we share almost 100% of the same genetic code as those who still live in Africa today.

“I would love if this movie were starring a woman of color who’s had it way harder than me, and I think, I hope we get there,” she stated, ignoring the fact that she could have easily passed up the role before the film was made and handed over her career to a “woman of color,” assuming she was ever actually concerned about the plight of colored people as she now claims after the fact.

“This is hopefully just a step in the right direction,” she added, nonsensically ignoring the fact that it was her decision to take the lead role in the film that kept a “woman of color” from taking it instead.

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